RPA in Software as a Service model
We provide RPA in Software as a Service model. Automation does not require any upfront investment and brings full benefits after 2-3 weeks deployment time. You will pay us for the work done by our robots.
RPA CoE in Build-Operate-And-Transfer model
Centers of Excellence for Robotic Process Automation in Build-Operate-And-Transfer model - we will use our unique expertise and industry knowledge to build first class CoE. If you decide that you want to maintain it in-house we will transfer the CoE back to you.
iControl Center
• Integrating information about robots’ activities from various RPA platforms
• Business Dashboard measuring Business KPIs
• Control Cockpit to manage attended and non – attended robots
• Delivering excellent user experience on all company level
• Supporting scalability of RPA across organization in controlled and manageable way
• Building trust for RPA across organization
• Managing RPA interfaces between your retained organization and SSC/GBS/BPO outsourcing environment.